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Do We Remind Our Children of Their Failures?

Because we want our families to be fully devoted followers of Jesus, our Bible-teaching takes the truth of who God is and helps us grow as we follow Him. God is grace.  Are you giving your kids margin to fail? Are you too hard on your kids? Here’s a little   Encouragement for Parents. 

This Week from God’s Word

We hear a story from Acts 8:26-40, the true story of the Ethiopian Man.  He was smart, educated, powerful and wealthy but he didn’t know about God’s grace through Jesus Christ. 

How Can I Live Like I Belong to Him?

At the core of what we believe is the beautiful word “Grace.” Created by God Himself, the whole concept of grace is not of this world in any form. God gave us grace when we were still sinners.

I can give grace too.

  1. I’m a sinner just like everyone else. I need second chances too.
    2. There was a time when I didn’t know anything about Jesus and His grace, yet grace was still given to me.
    3. I’ve done some pretty bad things that have needed grace. I can give grace when someone else does wrong.


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[For children about 3 years old–Grade 1, depending on your child.]

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[For children about Kindergarten-Grade 5, depending on your child.]

WATCH this week’s video that includes worship, memory verse, dance time and more. God is Grace is hosted by the amazing and crazy Pastor Will. Buckle up! He is so much fun.

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