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God makes sure we have everything we need to be safe on our journey. We can be safe when we follow God’s plan that’s found in the Bible. It is God’s plan for being safe … and careful, every day. Our prayer is that you will lead your family to learn to be obedient to all of God’s Word and when you are at home this week, remember to be careful with your choices. You are raising adults and God will continue giving you everything you need to raise them well. The Harvest Kids staff is cheering for you.


3 years old – Grade 1

When faced with trouble, Paul and Barnabas could have given up, but they didn’t. It was the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ that “unfroze” them and allowed them to keep moving and telling more people about Jesus Christ. You can tell people about Jesus too. Keep working hard on Psalm 1.


Kindergarten - Grade 5

A prayer for you: “Thank You Father for Your special book, and for all Your words showing me how to be obedient and careful. Help me to follow Your Word, even when it’s hard, even if I am the only one following You. I want to be safe on my journey and trust You to keep me safe every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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